Office Plumbing Maintenance Tips for Start-Up Companies

Excited for your new business venture? So you’ve bought an office space where your personnel and employees will stay as you hurdle the challenges of starting a business. Before you get too overwhelmed by the hundreds of exciting thoughts running in your head, let me ask you a question. Have you ever thought about the plumbing services and maintenance measures you need to put in place?

I’m sure you’re thinking that you don’t need to give any thoughts on this issue because after all, you hired a professional plumber to handle this. Let me tell you this though. While a skilled plumber can help you with the installation of your plumbing system and all the fixtures you will need to make your office fully functional for a business operation, he cannot be there all the time to immediately address any major malfunction of any of these fixtures.

If you don’t want a grave plumbing problem to confront you and hamper your business operations, better perform these simple plumbing maintenance procedures.

Check for toilet leaks

After six months to a year of operations, the components of your toilet bowl might have some minor or major damages because of ordinary wear and tear. Make sure the valves are still working properly.

There might be some water build-up caused by a loose shut-off valve or the inner valve that continuously dispenses water even when the tank is completely filled. See where the leak comes from because if you don’t address it, the damage may be too great that your toilet won’t function anymore. When your valves get too damaged that the tank won’t stop releasing water, then you might need professional plumbing services.


Check for damaged pipes

Over time, you can expect your pipes to deteriorate. It may be caused by the weather conditions in your area or some inevitable accident that an operational business encounters from time to time. No matter what the cause is, make sure to detect any pipe damage right away before it gets too huge that you’ll be surprised with the next reading of your water bill.

Damaged pipes result to leakages or worse, flooding in your office area. Damage in the hidden pipes under the floor or tiles may also result too the hazardous water build up on the floor. To check for damaged pipes, turn the water outlets in your office on and inspect the exposed pipes. Check the floor area of your office for any water build-up too.


Address the low water pressure in all of your faucets

If your pipes have accumulated some dirt or encountered blockages after years or months of operations, this may result to a low water pressure in your faucets. The pantry and bathroom will not be helpful for your employees if the water pressure is too low. It’s imperative that you check for any blockage in your water pipes. A professional plumber can do this for you.

You may also want to check the water pressure regulator. Someone might have accidentally or intentionally adjusted it, resulting to the low pressure in your faucets and toilet.


Check the cause of bad bathroom odors

Sometimes, the bathroom is just too messy because of daily use that’s why it becomes smelly. In this case, you just need a little cleaning in this most abused area of your office. But there are bad odors in the bathroom that are caused by sewer system issues. If you the bad odor comes from all of your plumbing fixtures, not just the toilet bowl or bathroom drains, then you might need a professional to inspect and address this problem.